Piazza Curri, 3, 70011 Alberobello BA


The Restaurant

The restaurant is elegant but sober, in a welcoming and refined way, with lights, relaxing colors and paintings of our beloved Trulli's. We are in the center of Alberobello and we propose the tradition of Pugliese cuisine, renewed according to the creativity of the chef and his staff.

A menu that takes care of the gastronomic tradition of our region, and the freer expression of modern cuisine. The respect of the ingredients and the minimum contamination between different flavors are our starting points. The arrival, your dish's great smell. A place where beauty meets the good, from carefully selected seasonal ingredients prepared with care, to dishes made with simplicity, thorugh the kindness of the dining room staff.


Restaurant owner and chef, with a career of 30 years, manages to combine lines and flavors, both spontaneous, making them live in perfect harmony. Experimenting and innovating, without ever forgetting the quality of the products.
A really close team that works with precision and determination next to him .. this is the key of a successful restaurant.

In the picture, from left to right : Egla, Nisa, Meri and Marianna.

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A cuisine of sea and land, ingredients are always first.

An excellent dish is made by the balance of its components and by the sensations it manages to give, not by complexity.

Dishes, intense in color and taste, are territorial and authentic.

Highest quality ingredients, fresh and selected respecting the seasons, are enhanced according to the authentic tradition of Italian cuisine and the use of the most classic cooking techniques.



Where Are We

Piazza Curri, 3, 70011 Alberobello BA

Opening Time

Mon - Sun 12:00 AM - 15:00 PM | 19:00 PM - 23:00 PM | Closed On Tuesday

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